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Apple Credit Card by the regulatory authorities?


Apple Credit Card by the regulatory authorities?

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 US regulators will investigate credit card services provided by Apple in partnership with financial giant Goldman Sachs, citing gender discrimination in customer identification services.

  American information technology industry entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansong wrote this week on social media “Twitter” that the card issuer gave his wife an Apple credit card credit limit of only one-twentieth of his, but he and his wife Co-reporting, and the latter’s credit score is higher.

  Hansong wrote that he has repeatedly negotiated with customer service personnel, and the other party replied, how much credit the cardholder can get, determined by the algorithm of the artificial intelligence system.

  A spokesman for the New York Financial Services Authority said on the 9th that the “discriminatory treatment” that may exist in Apple’s credit card service makes this regulator “uneasy”. “Whether it is intentional or not, any algorithm that causes discrimination against women or other protected groups is discriminatory.” Treating is in violation of New York law.”

  The spokesman said the Financial Services Authority will investigate to ensure that all Apple credit card customers are not treated differently for gender reasons.

  Apple’s credit card, launched earlier this year by Apple and Goldman Sachs, is the first credit card issued by Goldman Sachs.

  A Goldman Sachs spokesman responded by determining that the credit line is “not based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation and other factors prohibited by law”

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