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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau denies “intervention in justice” and refuses to resign


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau denies “intervention in justice” and refuses to resign

  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the 27th denied that the former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Rebold put pressure on “excused” a company suspected of corruption and rejected the opposition’s resignation request.

  [Advise “offence”]

  Wilson-Rebled testified in the House Judiciary Committee of the Canadian Parliament on the same day, saying that from September to December last year, several officials of the Trudeau government “continuously” pressured her to use the authority of the Minister of Justice to instruct the prosecution to give the family Construction companies avoid judicial trials for suspected criminal offences.

  The Canadian SNC-Lanwanling Group Company is suspected of bribing Libyan officials to obtain construction contracts. Media previously reported, the firm hopes to pay a hefty fine way closed, so as not to enter the judicial proceedings, if convicted 10 years can not bear the risk of the Government of Canada to undertake the project.

  The 27th hearing lasted nearly 4 hours. Wilson-Lelbourd said she met Trudeau last September and asked her to “find the way” for the company. She asked: “Are you politically intervening in my powers now?… I strongly recommend not doing this.”

  Trudeo repeatedly said “no”, claiming that “just need to find a solution.”

  [Give “Reminder”]

  Wilson-Rebled identified the Minister of Finance and the Director of the Federal Civil Affairs Bureau as “pressure”, the latter “reminding”: Trudeau “in any case, find ways to achieve the purpose…”.

  She believes: “It is not appropriate to intervene in such a way of pressure or political intervention.”

  However, when asked by the House of Representatives of the Liberal Party of the ruling party, the outgoing female minister did not think that pressure was “illegal”.

  She said that because she refused to “cooperate,” she lost her position as Minister of Justice in the cabinet reshuffle in January and was transferred to the Minister of Veterans Affairs. She resigned as cabinet minister earlier this month.

  Under pressure from public opinion, Trudeau issued an executive order on the 25th to allow Wilson-Rebled to testify in the SNC-Lan Wanling case in Congress about the possible “confidential” content of her contact with the Minister of Justice.

  [Do not “recognize”]

  Trudeau held a press conference in the eastern city of Montreal on the 27th, denying the intervention of the judiciary: “I firmly believe that I and my subordinates have always acted properly and professionally. Therefore, I totally disagree (Wilson-Rebold)’s description of the incident. ”

  He also said that he would not comply with the demands of the opposition Conservative Party leader Andrew Hill and voluntarily resign.

  Wilson-Lebled’s designation has caused Trudeau to lose a confidant. Prime Minister Chief Secretary Gerard Bartz resigned on the 18th, but denied involvement in “pressure.”

  According to Wilson-Rebled, her office director complained to Bartz about “political intervention” pressure in mid-December last year. The other responded: “Without some kind of intervention, things can’t be solved.”

  [crash crisis]

  Reuters reported that Canada is scheduled to hold a parliamentary election in October this year. Wilson-Rebled’s testimony has deepened Trudau’s “most serious political crisis” since he took office.

  The prosecution has filed a criminal lawsuit against the SNC-Lan Wanling Group, waiting for the court to hear the case.

  Headquartered in Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, the company offers 9,000 jobs in Canada and employs more than 50,000 people worldwide.

  The ruling Liberal Party is counting on winning more votes in Quebec and preserving the majority of the Congress. Recent opinion polls show that the Liberal Party’s support rate has declined, only slightly higher than the Conservative Party.

  Wilson-Lelbourd said Trudeau government officials hinted to her that the SNC-Lanwanling Group, if convicted, could cut jobs or move its headquarters out of Quebec, affecting the Liberal Party’s election

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