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Corps of the Armed Police Force strengthens the recruits’ style from the start


Corps of the Armed Police Force strengthens the recruits’ style from the start

 Before going out, sort out the military style, two people in a row and three people in a row, the meal process is not verbal, met the superior polite and polite … On December 4, the author entered the Armed Police Corps Jiangxi Corps Recruit Regiment and saw the current recruits and enlisted Compared to the beginning, the “Bing look” is full.

    “The style of forbidden actions needs to be developed in the guidance and strengthened in the details.” The leader of the Corps recruits introduced that a few new soldiers had strong self-awareness, weak discipline and poor team awareness when they first arrived in the army. “As a leader, we must start from the beginning and let the recruits tighten their discipline.” The research team decided to carry out the “100 details of a good soldier” evaluation activity in accordance with the requirements of institutionalization, standardization, and standardization. Start with subtleties such as dressing and wearing hats, gathering stations, marching in line, courtesy, etiquette, and item placement to standardize recruits’ behavior. They produced “100 details of good soldiers” comics that were close to the aesthetics of young people and posted them on the camp’s bulletin board. They selected “training masters”, “learning pacesetters”, and “house stars”, and wore badges for the recruits. At the same time, they also held a discussion on “the appearance of good soldiers” to allow recruits to pinpoint their positions in exchanges and collisions.

    With the development of the event, the recruits’ awareness of discipline and rules has continued to increase. Before joining the army, Xiao Zhang, a soldier of Shandong nationality, was enthusiastic about online games. After joining the army, he was negative because of limited mobile phone use and his training results were not satisfactory. Since the evaluation activity started, with the patient help of the backbone of the new training cadres, his thinking has changed. He actively reflected on his own problems and actively invested in various tasks against the “100 details of good soldiers.” Rated “Training Talent”.

    In order to better support the healthy growth of recruits, the corps also established a “force-family” two-way linkage mechanism, through the writing of family books, inviting family members to communicate with the team, etc., to achieve information connectivity, management and education. Recently, during the Open Day of the Barracks held by the Recruit Corps, the recruits behaved neatly and meticulously, and the family members of the recruits at the scene praised them.

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