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Earth from the Syrian withdrawal?


Earth from the Syrian withdrawal?

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 According to foreign media reports, Turkish President Erdogan said recently that Turkey will not leave Syria until other countries withdraw. He also stated that Ankara will continue to launch cross-border attacks on Kurdish armed forces until they all withdraw from the area.

    According to reports, Erdogan told reporters on the plane returning from Hungary on the 8th that Turkey “will not leave here before other countries leave.”

    Erdogan also said, “We will not relax our vigilance until all Kurdish armed forces leave the area.”

    According to reports, Turkey launched a third military attack on northeastern Syria in October, trying to drive the Syrian Kurdish People’s Defence Force (YPG) out of the region and establishing a “safe zone” to house approximately 2 million Syrian refugees. .

    On October 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan met in Sochi to agree on a memorandum of understanding on the situation. According to the memorandum, the Russian military police and Syrian border guards should enter the area outside the “Peace of the Springs” action zone on the Syrian side of the Syrian territory on the 23rd local time, at 12:00 local time, to assist the Kurdish People’s Protection Force in 150 Within hours, it was evacuated 30 kilometers from the Syrian border.

    Thereafter, Russia and Turkey should conduct joint patrols in the area 10 km south of the “Peace of the Peace” and east of the Syrian border (except for the city of Kamishli). Russian Defense Minister Shaygu said on October 29 that the Kurds had completed the evacuation in advance.

    Russian media quoted the Russian Defense Ministry on November 8th as saying that Russia and Turkey have completed patrols of the new area in the northeastern part of Syria, with a journey of 105 kilometers.

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