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India asks Pakistan to release Pakistani preferential treatment for captured pilots


India asks Pakistan to release Pakistani preferential treatment for captured pilots

  The Indian Foreign Ministry confirmed on the afternoon of the 27th that an Indian warplane was shot down by Pakistan and asked the Palestinians to immediately release a pilot.

  The Pakistani military released a video on social media, and the pilot claimed to be treated well by the Palestinians.

  The BBC reported that India and Pakistan airstrikes from 26 to 27, the first since the massive conflict between India and Pakistan in 1971. The international community has called on both India and Pakistan to exercise restraint and avoid escalating the situation.

  [Captive “showing”]

  The Ministry of Information and Culture of Pakistan released a video earlier that day, showing that the Indian pilot captured by the Palestinians had blindfolded eyes and blood on his face and was interrogated by a man. The pilot claimed to be Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Abi Nandan, who reported the military identity number and then declared: “Sorry, sir, I can only tell you this.”

  The BBC reported that Abi Nandan had to drink water in the video. The social media “tweet” account of the Ministry of Information and Culture of Pakistan will delete this video later.

  The Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Pakistani video is a “rough show off” for capturing a wounded person in the Indian Air Force; the Palestinian side should “ensure that the Indian defense personnel in custody are not harmed” and the Indian side “expects him to be safe immediately.” Returning to China.”

  The statement did not mention the name of the pilot. Indian media reported that he was named Abi Nandan Walsamman.

  [Reading “Rescue”]

  The Pakistani Three Army News Bureau released a video on social media that night, showing that the Pakistani side has taken off Abi Nandan’s blindfold and washed his face. The latter seems to be unharmed and relaxed. He expressed gratitude: “Pakistan Army personnel I am taking good care of me. They are full gentlemen.”

  In the video, Abi Nandan drank a few mouthfuls of tea and praised “this tea is awesome.”

  He answered multiple questions, including his name and rank, saying that he was from southern India but declined to mention the details of the mission.

  Another video circulated by social media shows that Abi Nandan was captured. In the forest creek, a Pakistani soldier prevented the villagers from kicking and kicking Abi Nandan and shouting “enough.” In the video released by the Pakistani military, Abinandan thanked the Pakistani officers and soldiers for saving him, saying that the Pakistani military had impressed him.

  Pakistan’s military spokesperson and the head of the Information Bureau of the Three Armies, Asif Kafuer, said that the Palestinian side treated Abinandan “in accordance with every norm of military ethics”.

  [Avoid “Upgrade”]

  Abinandan became the focus of the latest conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir.

  The fighter he drove was shot down by the Pakistani Air Force on the morning of the 27th and crashed in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. The Pakistani side pointed out that the two Indian fighters crossed the actual control line of India and Pakistan in Kashmir. The director of the Pakistani Three-Private Information Bureau, Cavour, said: “Our fighters are ready. We have beaten both of them.”

  According to the Pakistani side, Abi Nandan’s fighter plane crashed in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, and another Indian warplane crashed in India-controlled Kashmir. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ravis Kumar confirmed in the afternoon that the Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 fighter was shot down.

  Palestinian officials previously said that they captured two Indian pilots and sent one of them to the hospital. Cavour later corrected this statement, saying that the military detained an Indian pilot.

  Cavour said that the Indian fighter’s crossing of the actual control line was a response to the Palestinian air force’s air strikes against India’s Kashmir that morning. During the airstrike, several Palestinian fighters “targeted” the six targets of the Indian side, but only opened fire on the “open ground” without causing casualties or incidental losses.

  Cavour said at a press conference that the Pakistani airstrike was not a copy of the previous attack by the copying party, but only showed the Pakistani counterattack capability. “We don’t want the situation to escalate, we don’t want war.”

  Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called for dialogue on the 27th, suggesting that the two nuclear-prone neighboring countries cannot afford “false judgment.”

  [Two degrees of “air battle”]

  According to Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Kumar, the Indian side defeated the Palestinian air strike attempt. The Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistani fighter in the “air combat” and the Indian ground forces saw it crash in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. The Palestinians denied any damage to their fighters.

  AFP reported earlier that day as a source of information from a senior Indian official. The Pakistani fighters briefly crossed the actual control line and were forced to retreat by the Indian fighters.

  The 12 “Phantom” fighters of the Indian Air Force crossed the actual control line of Kashmir in the early morning of the 26th, bombing and destroying the camp of the religious armed group “Muhammad Army” in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Reuters reported on the 27th as an Indian government official that the air strikes destroyed 300 armed men. The Palestinian side denied that there were casualties.

  The “Muhammad Army” claimed to have committed suicide car bomb attacks on Indian-controlled Kashmir on the 14th. At least 40 soldiers of the Central Reserve Police Force of India were killed in the attack. The Indian side accused the Palestinian side of supporting the “Muhammad Army” and the Palestinian side denied and protested the “unjustified accusation” of the Indian side.

  After the Indian army’s airstrike on the 26th, the ground forces of the two countries bombarded each other and exchanged more than 12 places.

  India and Pakistan all claim sovereignty over Kashmir. Since the division of India and Pakistan in 1947, the two countries have fought for war in Kashmir twice

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