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Japan wants to take the lead in building an Asian network defense mechanism


Japan wants to take the lead in building an Asian network defense mechanism

Asia will carry out network defense cooperation.” The report said that the Japanese government will set up a mechanism to deal with cyber attacks in cooperation with 26 countries and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to building a framework for interactions when attacked, the mechanism will share advanced experience to assist developing countries to improve their response capabilities. The mechanism will be dominated by Japan and Southeast Asia, with the participation of China and Russia, which will help improve the ability of the entire region to respond to cyber attacks.

    According to the report, the new mechanism includes members of the “ASEAN Regional Forum” (ARF) such as Japan, the United States, Australia, India, China, Russia, and the ASEAN. At the ministerial meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum in August, recommendations including specific measures for cybersecurity are expected.

    Specifically, first, in order to prevent cyber attacks, etc., countries should set up a network person contact window to ensure that information can be exchanged. In addition to introducing developing countries’ laws, policies, and cybersecurity strategies to developing countries, joint research on defense-impaired infrastructure should be conducted to introduce and conduct cyberattacks. There is no such mechanism in Asia-centric regions.

    If the ASEAN Regional Forum member states establish this mechanism, it will be the first multilateral framework for cybersecurity to include China. In order to attract more countries to participate, the mechanism will take the form of not compelling to participate and encouraging countries to join spontaneously. According to the report, China is a sponsor of the “Share cyberattacks and other information” clause, demonstrating the willingness to participate in the mechanism.

    Measures such as setting up a contact window can be said to be the first step in building an international network defense system. At the ministerial meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum in August, topics such as common standards for cybersecurity and important infrastructure maintenance mechanisms such as electricity will be discussed.

    The report pointed out that cyber attacks have occurred frequently in recent years, and not only developed countries, but also developing countries are becoming more likely to attack. If the counterattack is easily carried out after the attack, and there is a lack of trust between the countries, it may develop into a military conflict. The Japanese government believes that setting up contact windows and sharing information can enhance mutual trust between countries and curb the risk of conflict.

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