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Kashmir re-initiated the wave of anti-terrorism


Kashmir re-initiated the wave of anti-terrorism

  The Pakistani government on the 26th identified the Indian warplane invasion and rejected the Indian saying that it was launching “anti-terrorism” operations in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

  The India-Pakistan relationship has become tense because of suicide attacks on the 14th in the Indian-controlled Kashmir region. The two sides have different opinions on the latest developments on the early morning of the 26th.

[Preemptive strike? 】

  Indian Foreign Ministry Secretary Vijay Gokhale said on the 26th that according to the intelligence possessed by the Indian side, the Indian warplanes launched a “air strike” against a “Muhammad Army” camp.

  Gokhale said: “The Indian side attacked the Muhammad Army in a large training camp in the Balakud area early this morning… A large number of members of the Muhammad army, instructors, senior commanders and trained armed personnel were killed in the air strikes.”

  Gokhale did not release the number of specific casualties caused by the air strikes, but he identified the commander of the camp, Mullah Yusuf Al-Azhar, as the cousin of Muhammad’s head, Masood Al-Azhar.

  The camps attacked by Indian warplanes are located in the Balakod area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwestern Pakistan, about 50 kilometers from the India-Pakistan ceasefire line in Kashmir. The Indian side confirmed that the Muhammad army had conspired to launch another attack.

  Gokhale said: “The danger is imminent, and a preemptive air strike is absolutely necessary.”

  A team of Indian security forces suffered a suicide bombing in India-controlled Kashmir on the 14th, killing at least 40 Indian Central Reserve Police soldiers. The Muhammad army claimed to have made this incident. The Indian side has confirmed that the Palestinian side supports this religious extremist organization.

[There is nothing wrong? 】

  According to the “estimation” of Indian government officials, about 300 armed men were killed in an air strike on the early morning of the 26th. The Pakistani side denied the Indian side’s statement that the Indian side had invaded Pakistani-controlled Kashmir’s airspace and abandoned part of the “load” and left without any casualties.

  The head of the Balakud district police chief, Sagir Hussein Shah, told the Associated Press on the same day that he had sent police officers to the place where the Indian side launched the attack. The area was basically a deserted woodland. “There is no casualties. (Indian) throwing bombs did not cause damage.”

  The Pakistani National Security Council issued a statement “strongly denying” the Indian side’s alleged air strikes against a terrorist camp in the Balakod area and causing a large number of casualties.

  The National Security Council said that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will contact global leaders and expose India’s irresponsible practices. The Pakistani side warned that the Indian invasion will be responded to at the right time and occasion.

  Pakistani President Arif Alvi believes that India has gone mad after the suicide bombings in Kashmir on the 14th.

  Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi on the 26th condemned the Indian invasion and determined that the Indian side has threatened regional peace. Qureshi said that Pakistan is a responsible country and the Palestinian army has the ability to maintain territorial integrity.

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