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National defense education can only strengthen and cannot weaken


National defense education can only strengthen and cannot weaken

Look at the world and look around. Some people say: “We are not living in a peaceful era, but we are fortunate enough to live in a peaceful China!” This statement conveys the common aspirations of all Chinese.

    Inside and outside the venues of the two sessions, “strengthening national defense education and building a strong national defense” has always been a topic of concern to the military representatives. Everyone said that national defense education for all is in an important period of promising and in-depth popularization and development, and can only be strengthened and cannot be weakened.

Comprehensive coverage: from “key minority” to grassroots civil servants

    National defense education for all is a basic project, and it is the cornerstone of the spirit. In recent years, in order to realize the dream of strengthening China’s dreams, the central and local governments have vigorously carried out national defense education with patriotism as the core, showing a good momentum of vigorous development.

    “Anthony does not forget the danger, saves and does not forget the death, and does not forget the chaos.” Wang Changjiang, a representative from the northern theater of war, said that with the deepening of reform and opening up, people’s ideological concepts and values ​​are increasingly diversified, and some citizens’ national defense concepts are weakened. In particular, a small number of leading cadres regard national defense education as a soft indicator, and believe that there are many achievements in the performance of the political achievements, the lack of accountability, and the neglect of national defense education.

    “The key to carrying out the national defense education in the new era is to do a good job of leading cadres. Only the leading cadres at all levels attach importance to national defense education, and the national defense education of the whole people can be truly implemented.” Representative of the political commissar of Gansu Province, who has many years of experience in the military system of the province, said.

    Representative Wu Yongliang from the National Defense Mobilization Department believes that strengthening national defense education for civil servants must not only seize the “key minority” such as leading cadres, but also expand coverage and bring together the strength of civil servants at all levels, especially grassroots civil servants.

    “It is our unshirkable responsibility to put the national defense education into practice.” Feng Yi, a political commissar of the Hunan Military Region, said that in 2018, Hunan Province included national defense education into the theoretical study plan of the party committees at all levels, and organized the provincial and cadres to report on the national defense situation. There will be more than 100 meetings, and the team members have passed the “Military Day” more than 150 times. A total of nearly 100,000 party and government officials have received national defense education.

Deep Focus: Inspiring the “Mother’s Future”

    The juvenile is strong and the country is strong. Adolescents are the focus of national defense education for all, and their national defense education is both a foundation and a long-term one.

    “There are two issues that need to be highly concerned during the current growth of adolescents. First, the physical fitness has declined. Second, the sense of responsibility has been weakened.” Wei Changjin, a member of the political committee of the Zaozhuang Military Division of Shandong Province, suggested that the emphasis on strengthening the physical fitness of young people should be emphasized. At the same time, in the textbooks of primary and secondary schools, the contents of the bloody and fighting spirit of our army will be appropriately increased, and the young people will be strengthened to strengthen the spirit of the military and the role of national defense.

    “I am proud of our army. I am open to the military camp.” On October 12, 2018, the Xuchang Military Division of Henan Province, the Yang Gensi Army and the Xuchang City National Defense Education Office jointly held a military camp open day event, with more than 2,600 people from all walks of life. The masses experience the military camp life at zero distance, and similar praises are endless. The representative of Pan Jiaxuan from the Henan Military Region also praised such military camp opening activities. She said that in 2018, the army, navy, air force, rocket army and other military units all organized military barracks open day activities for the society, especially young people. “Adolescents walked into the military camp and personally experienced the achievements of national defense and army building. The story of the military provoked the enthusiasm for joining the army of ‘Dan Xin Bao Guo is a man’.”

    On how to motivate young people’s patriotism and report to the country, the military representatives have made suggestions: explore the integration of national defense education into the school’s teaching plan, solidly promote the national defense education into the teaching case, enter the classroom; standardize the construction of special schools such as juvenile military schools, in high schools and vocational techniques. The school opened classes with national defense characteristics, explored the establishment of a military service reserve system, carried out student military training, military summer camps, military camp open days and other activities, and played various types of museums, memorials, exhibition halls, revolutionary sites and other patriotic education bases, and the role of national defense education bases. We will vigorously promote national defense knowledge, popularize national defense laws, and promote national defense.

Continuous innovation: Focus on the new era, new topics, refresh methods

    Entering a new era, China’s political, economic, social, and cultural aspects have been comprehensively promoted, and new requirements and innovative requirements have been put forward for national defense education.

    “Where are the concerns of young people, where should the position of national defense education be?” The military representative said that in the era of all-media, it is imperative to strengthen the era of national defense education and the power of reform.

    Qiu Yuechao, deputy commander of the Shanxi Military Region, said that in recent years, Shanxi has played the advantage of the revolutionary old district, with the “Ten Thousand Thousand Thousand” project (building 10 national defense education theme parks and plazas, 100 national defense education theme streets, and 1,000 national defense education themed buses). The stop sign) and the “Double Hundred” project (building 100 national defense education demonstration schools, 100 national defense education demonstration villages and communities) are the starting point for integrating the national defense elements into the mass life and youth education positions.

    “New media has great advantages in enhancing the interactivity and affinity of national defense education.” Liu Wei, the political commissar of the Chongqing Garrison District, said that Chongqing has adopted the “Internet +” to help the national defense education of the whole people, forming “in-class and extra-curricular, online and offline”. The three-dimensional structure, comprehensive use of pictures, video, music, animation, games and other means to carry out publicity and education.

    Our army is the people’s army, and our national defense is the national defense. In the new era and new journey, the deputy committee members expressed with confidence that building and consolidating a strong national defense is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. Let us shoulder the responsibility of national defense and unite the powerful force to realize the dream of strengthening China’s dreams

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