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Responsible for the performance of the military representatives


Responsible for the performance of the military representatives

The establishment of the Department of Retired Military Affairs, the military support card, the internal medical treatment of the “one card”, military personnel priority according to law … March 14th, the reporter interviewed a number of people from the grassroots units of the National People’s Congress, found that in recent years many of the Huijun policy was introduced, Full of the hard work of the delegates to perform their duties.

    Wang Fang, a instructor of a certain regiment in the Central Theater, conducted a long-term follow-up investigation on the issue of military decommissioning. During her participation in 2016, she suggested in the speech that she set up a service agency for retired military service to provide support for retired military personnel in many aspects such as employment placement, education and training, and preferential treatment. This proposal was eventually included in the top ten proposals of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the year.

    “I am gratified that last year, the state institutional reform, in the case of streamlined departments, the newly established Department of Veterans Affairs.” Wang Fang told reporters that on September 13, last year, the Retired Military Affairs Department also invited her and other representatives. During the discussion, inform the establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the progress of various work, the handling of the proposed proposals, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the veterans.

    Chen Xueli, a representative from the Joint Service Support Force, told the reporter that during the meeting last year, he and several representatives suggested that on the basis of the “one card” in the military departments for medical treatment, as soon as possible, the army officers and conscripts and the unemployed have been employed. The military spouse and children opened the clinic for medical treatment.

    At the beginning of this year, a warm news in the circle of friends of the military “swipe screen”: the Military Commission Logistics Department issued a special notice, from January 1, 2019, military personnel with military security card can go directly to the hospital for medical treatment. “Our proposal has been realized!” After seeing the news, Mr. Chen Xueli shared with other representatives with joy.

    Seeing the slogan “Military priority according to law” appeared in more and more stations and airports, and the representative of Song Shanyu from the Army was very pleased. In 2014, the representative of Song Shanyu made a suggestion that the slogan of “military priority” in public transportation facilities should be changed to “military priority according to law” in accordance with the provisions of the National Defense Law of the People’s Republic of China.

    Looking back at the job, full of sense of accomplishment. “Whenever a proposal becomes a visible and sensible Huijun policy, we will be more motivated to perform our duties, and we will be more careful to collect the expectations of grassroots officers and men.” Representative Chen Xueli introduced this year’s key points. I have revised and improved the “National Defense Education Law” and implemented two proposals for the preferential treatment of military children’s enrollment. “I firmly believe that these suggestions will be taken seriously!”

    The representative of Wang Fang told the reporter that she had gathered the expectations of the grassroots officers and men in her investigation into suggestions and made speeches during the group discussion, which has aroused the attention of relevant departments. “After I returned to the army, I must not only convey the spirit of the conference, but also report on my performance and experience, so that officers and soldiers can recognize the superiority of China’s political system.

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