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Russia moves to solve the problem of pilot loss

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The Russian newspaper “News” reported that the Russian Defense Ministry recently enacted an amendment to the “Military Status Act”, preparing to resume the practice before 2012, providing to the Air Force pilots and their families with a toll, so that they can go to the Ministry of Defence sanitarium free of charge during their vacation. Rehabilitation base for recuperation. Russian military experts believe that this latest move will help the Russian military retain talent and reduce pilot loss. It is reported that this bill will take effect as soon as possible in 2022.

    Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense Social Science Research Center conducted a survey and evaluation of the mental and psychological conditions of Russian military pilots. The results showed that most Russian military pilots are more willing to enter the civil aviation system. They believe that civil aviation drivers work relatively easily and their wages are not low. In order to solve the problem of pilot loss, the Russian Ministry of Defense has introduced many new measures in recent years.

    The first is “open source.” In view of the fact that the former Defense Minister Serdyukov has substantially abolished military academies and the remaining institutions have also enrolled very few students, in the past five years, Russia has substantially increased the number of enrolled students in the Air Force. For example, in the last four years, the annual enrollment of the Krasnodar Higher Aviation Command School has increased from 25 to 600. In 2017, after several decades, the recruitment of female pilots has resumed. This year is the third consecutive year of enrollment. In this way, the Russian army can supplement nearly 1,000 pilots each year to solve problems from the source.

    The second is “throttle.” Russian military pilots lose about 5% each year due to physical and age reasons. In order to alleviate the talent gap caused by the excessive loss of personnel, the Russian military has issued regulations to extend the service period of pilots. In addition, according to the usual practice, when the Russian pilot is nearly 30 years old, he will generally become a first-class pilot. He has nearly 10 years of driving experience and has the right to stop flying after 5 years. Many pilots will choose to retire after 5 years. In response to this phenomenon, the Russian Ministry of Defense also introduced corresponding measures.

    The third is to create an environment where people can stay in their hearts. Affected by many factors, the salary of Russian military pilots is difficult to match with civil aviation drivers. The Russian Ministry of Defense is trying to close the gap between the two by other means, providing rehabilitation treatment for pilots, which is a welcome new initiative. The amendments to the “Military Status Act” stipulate that, regardless of where the Russian military pilots serve, they can go to the Ministry of Defence’s nursing homes or rehabilitation institutions for vacations every year, and enjoy the reimbursement of the tolls. The expenses for the convalescents are 25%, and the family members need to pay Pay 50% to improve the social status of the pilot and stabilize the cadre team. Lieutenant General Valery Gore, the former military commander of the 4th Air Defense Group of Russia, said: “The lower the frequency of grounding due to physical reasons, the longer the pilot’s flight life. The preferential treatment is only the Russian Ministry of Defense to improve the pilot’s guarantee. The first step.”

    The fourth is to solve the worries of the future. In recent years, under the impetus of the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian military industrial enterprises have continuously developed advanced fighters such as Su-57 and Su-35, upgraded existing models, upgraded the electronic and informational level of fighters, and increased maintenance. Under the above measures, the safety factor of the active air equipment of the Russian Air Force has been greatly improved, the pilots have become safer to fly, and the phenomenon of early retirement and flight to the civil aircraft has been improved to some extent.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense also attaches great importance to the spiritual encouragement of pilots, such as the burial of pilots who died in the Syrian battlefield and domestic combat training, the posthumousness of national honors, the establishment of memorial facilities, the naming of street business schools, etc. Pension treatment. Russian military experts commented that this practice can help motivate pilots to defend their homeland, heroic dedication and sense of responsibility.



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