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The military representative committee warmly discussed the issue of outstanding formalism


The military representative committee warmly discussed the issue of outstanding formalism

The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China recently issued the “Notice on Resolving the Outstanding Issues of Formalism as the Burden of Grassroots”, which triggered strong repercussions among the military representatives who participated in the National Congress. Everyone agrees that the “Notice” thoroughly implements the spirit of the important instructions of the Chairman of the Internship on strengthening the work style, striving for formalism and bureaucracy, responding to the concerns of the grassroots cadres, and clearly proposes to use 2019 as the “basic-level burden-reduction year”, which is of great significance. significance.

    Talking about the impression of the grassroots officers and men on formalism, the representative of the army, Wang Mingxiao said: “Every time I go to the army to investigate, there are always soldiers who reflect that we are not afraid of suffering, not afraid of being tired, and we are afraid of formalism. Many formalism problems. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also takes a lot of energy to make the grassroots officers and soldiers overwhelmed. This situation must be changed.”

    “Building a world-class army is inseparable from the guarantee of good work style.” Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the grassroots atmosphere has improved significantly, the internal ecology of the troops has been further purified, and officers and soldiers have deeply felt the new changes brought about by the construction of work style. Many military representatives said that after a few years of hard work, the image of the military style is one of the new, and the morale of the military is one of them. The majority of party members and cadres insisted on polishing the strict and practical spiritual business cards, revitalizing the brand-new style of the company’s entrepreneurship, and the willpower of the strong army and the army is greatly cohesive, and the responsibility for fulfilling the mission is greatly enhanced. However, it must be soberly seen that formalism is intractable and repetitive. The representatives of the military talked about some prominent issues of formalism around them. They were deeply touched: some frequently inspected, interfered with normal work, and let the grassroots units struggle to cope; some took the “marks” as achievements, and did not look at the actual results. Reports, do not look at solving problems, only look at the number of days, the number of people, the number of articles, and so on.

    These seemingly ordinary small problems reflect the big problem of formalism and bureaucracy. Effectively solve these “pain points” at the grassroots level, and “reduction of the burden” for the cadres, in order to bring the breeze to the grassroots. This is the general voice of the grassroots officers and soldiers, and it is also the consensus of the delegates.

    “Preparing for war and fighting is not a bit false.” Wang Changjiang, a representative from the northern theater of war, said that for formalism and bureaucracy formed by long-term accumulation and affected by poisoning, it is necessary to adhere to the standard of treating the symptoms and resolutely correct “unwilling to fight or dare to fight.” “The deviation of the mind, using the actual combat standard to correct the “can not fight, can not fight” ability short board, with the spirit of the wind to brake the “not really fight, not practical” style of falsehood, to “nail nails” “to do” The posture and tenacity, came to a deep cleaning and deep-cut cleaning, and set up a “baton” for warfare from the chain of command.

    “We must twist thousands of wires into a rope to ensure that grassroots officers and soldiers have more energy and time to focus on the main business.” Xu Honggang, deputy political commissar of the Tibet Changdu Army Division, suggested that the express train on the network can be held remotely. The meeting will not be held in a centralized manner, and the notices that can be merged will not be issued separately; the confidential network office and intensive learning training will be promoted, and the officers and men will be loosened and decompressed.

    For the decompression and reduction of the grassroots level, it is not enough to reduce the number of projects. It is also necessary to improve the methods and methods of supervision and inspection. The representative of Pan Jiayu from the grassroots company suggested that the party committees at all levels should adhere to the mass line, go to the scene to see more, see more specific things, listen to the officers and soldiers, pay attention to the work performance, and simply judge the quality of the work with the “trace”. It is even more difficult to carry out supervision and inspection just after the completion of the work. The task is evaluated after the deployment.

    “Not only the ‘trace’, but also the performance.” Lu Lingbao, from the Anhui Armed Police Corps, said, “To break the formalism, first of all, the superior can’t keep an eye on how many meetings, how many records, and how many work logs. According to him, in the Anhui Armed Police Corps, in addition to the important tasks and briefings, the other general, daily, and specific work is integrated into the “Work of the Week” issue, and the specifics and specifics are explained. Time, specific requirements.

    Chen Xueli, a representative from the Joint Service Support Force, has been engaged in the destruction of weapons and ammunition. He talked about his work and said that every rule and every link in the destruction of weapons and ammunition was exchanged for bloody lessons. The formalism of child leave, walk through the field, and do virtual work, only to be deep, practical, and fine, can guarantee the safety of officers and men.

    “Some problems of formalism are manifested at the grassroots level, and the roots are in the organs.” The Sima Ma committee from the Armed Police Force suggested that radical formalism must start from the leading organs and leading cadres, start from concrete work, and persist from top to bottom. The above-mentioned rate is rectified and the strong synergy of rectification formalism is condensed. He said: “The eradication of formalism hopes to accomplish its merits. It is not an attitude of seeking truth from facts. It must be prepared for a protracted war.”

    The representative of Yang Lei from the army said: “The grassroots cadres should also put themselves in, seriously find out whether they have any empty statements, perfunctory responsibilities, and work out in the ordinary work. The formalism of the grassroots must dare to expose and dare to expose. struggle.”

    Remediation of formalism must firmly imprint the word “real” in the heart. The representative of the military said that from the point of view of reality, with practical considerations, by actual performance, in the practice of continuous efforts to achieve effective results, a clear-cut struggle with formalism, freeing officers and soldiers from some unnecessary affairs, and actually focus more time and energy Going to the main responsibility of the main business, condensing the strength of the army and the army

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