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The Syrian Army and the Turkish Army used heavy weapons

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Syrian official media reported on the 9th that the Syrian government forces clashed with the Turkish army in the northern border town of Ras Al Ain.

  The Syrian Arab News Agency reported that the Syrian army and the Turkish army exchanged fire in the village of Umshayifa near Ras Al Ain. Both sides used heavy machine guns and other heavy weapons.

  After the US and Turkish leaders talked in early October, the United States announced that it would withdraw its troops from northern Syria. Turkey immediately launched a cross-border military operation to combat Syrian Kurdish armed forces. The Kurds who lost their protection from the United States turned to Russia and the Syrian government. The Russian and Syrian troops then entered the towns and cities where the US military and Kurdish armed forces were evacuated.

  The Turkish side reached an agreement with the US and Russia respectively, and agreed to suspend military operations on the condition that the Kurdish armed forces withdrew 30 kilometers. Despite the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, the Scourge between the Turkish Army and its supporting Syrian opposition forces and the Kurdish and Syrian forces continued.

  The Associated Press reported that the Turkish army captured 18 Syrian soldiers in a battle last week and then released them under Russian mediation.

  Turkey regards the Syrian Kurdish armed forces as a branch of the PKK, a separatist organization in the territories, and lists it as a “terrorist organization.” The United States relied on the Syrian Kurdish armed forces to fight the extremist organization “Islamic State” and once supported this armed force


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