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The UN report suspects that the military has violated war crimes and crimes against humanity


The UN report suspects that the military has violated war crimes and crimes against humanity

  United Nations investigators issued a report on February 28, identifying that Israeli security forces killed 189 Palestinian demonstrators last year that may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  The Israeli side refutes the report “absurd” and emphasizes defending the right to protect citizens and territorial security.

[Certified responsibility]

  The investigation team chaired by Argentine legal expert Santiago Canton submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council on February 28 concerning the conflict between Israeli security forces and Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip last year.

  The report wrote: “The Israeli security forces killed and injured Palestinian demonstrators, and the demonstrators did not pose a threat of immediate death or serious injury when they were shot, and did not directly participate in hostile activities.”

  Palestinian demonstrators began demonstrating in the border area of ​​the Gaza Strip from the end of March last year to protest Israel’s refusal to return Palestinian refugees to their homeland occupied by Israel. The demonstration lasted for several months and there were many conflicts.

  The investigation team interviewed conflict victims, witnesses, government officials and members of civil society groups in Palestine and Israel, making 325 interview records and more than 8,000 documents. At the same time, according to medical reports, videos, photos and pictures taken by unmanned aerial vehicles, it was determined that from March 30 to December 31 last year, Israeli security forces were responsible for 189 deaths and more than 6,100 Palestinian demonstrators. .

  The investigation team said that they have confidential information about the responsible person, involving more than one sniper and commander.

[identification of crime]

  Canton said that members of the Israeli security forces have killed and seriously injured Palestinian civilians who “do not pose an immediate threat and do not directly participate in hostile activities.” “Some violent actions may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity, and Israel needs to investigate immediately.”

  Reported that the 189 dead were 35 children, two reporters and three have “clearly marked identification ” of health care. Killing them is suspected of violating international humanitarian law.

  The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, can share the report with the International Criminal Court. It is not clear whether the International Criminal Court will proceed to investigate the relevant identification.

The Palestinian side requested the International Criminal Court in May last year to “fully investigate” the “war crimes” suspected of being committed by Israel.

  The Israeli side said that the security forces opened fire to protect the border so as not to be “invaded and attacked” by the Palestinians. It is a “absurd drama” to refute the UN report.

  Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Islael Katz said in a statement that this is “another hostile, false, biased report against Israel.” “No one can deny Israel’s right to self-defense and ( Israel) protects citizens and borders from violent attacks.

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