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The United States plans to test two medium-range missiles during the year


The United States plans to test two medium-range missiles during the year

  The US military intends to test two types of medium-range missiles this year as a “follow-up” measure for the US to officially withdraw from the “Guidelines on the Treaty.”

  A number of US defense officials who did not want to be named publicly disclosed the news to some media reporters on the 14th. The Associated Press reported that the military intends to test a cruise missile in August with a range of about 1,000 kilometers. In November, it tested a ballistic missile with a range of 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers.

  Of the two types of missiles, cruise missiles may be deployed within 18 months, and ballistic missiles may take at least five years to deploy.

  According to US officials, the missiles are equipped with conventional warheads and do not carry nuclear warheads.

  The US began to suspend its obligations under the “Guide to the Treaty” in early February and initiated a six-month withdrawal procedure. The statements of those officials mean that the US will immediately test the medium-range cruise missiles once it withdraws.

  The “Medium Guide Treaty” is the full name of the “Soviet and US Elimination of the Medium and Medium-Range Missile Treaty between the two countries”, signed in 1987. The treaty stipulates that the two sides no longer maintain, produce or test land-based cruise missiles and ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers as nuclear weapons vehicles.

  The United States and Russia identify each other as having violated the treaty. In October last year, the US side accused Russia of a cruise missile’s range breach, limiting Russia’s destruction of missiles within 60 days and denying the US to initiate the withdrawal procedure. The Russian side denied the breach of contract and refused to destroy the missile.

  After the US initiated the withdrawal procedure, Russia immediately suspended its obligations under the treaty and no longer proposed new international negotiations on the treaty.

  US Defense Department spokesman Michel Bardanza announced on the 11th that the US is no longer restricted by the “Guidelines on the Treaty” and began to manufacture land-based cruise missile components. However, if the US officially withdraws from the EU in August, the Russian side can “comprehensively The verifiable “compliance with the treaty, the US research and development process can be reversed.” The US defense official reiterated on the 14th that if the United States and Russia can reach an agreement and save the “Guidelines on the Treaty” before August, the US will suspend the two medium-range missile projects.

  Kingston Reeve, an analyst at the US non-profit organization Arms Control Association, concluded that the US announced that it would promote the development of medium-range missiles, which may be intended to pressure Russia to “re-comply” the treaty; more likely, the leadership of President Donald Trump The US government “only wants to abandon this treaty” in order to deploy medium-range missiles in Europe or the Asia-Pacific region without restrictions.

  The above-mentioned US defense officials said that the United States has not negotiated with the European or Asia-Pacific allies to deploy the two types of missiles on their territory. One of the officials said that the ballistic missiles that were intended to be tested could be deployed in Guam, the territory of the United States in the Western Pacific

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