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The US military base in Iraq was attacked by the “Katyusha”


The US military base in Iraq was attacked by the “Katyusha”

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 An Iraqi military base stationed by the US military near Mosul in northern Iraq was attacked by several “Katyusha” rockets on the 8th. A US military spokesman later said that no foreign soldiers were injured. It is unclear whether there are casualties in Iraqi security forces.

    Iraqi security officials who do not want to be named in the media report told the Associated Press that the Gayala Air Force Base, 60 kilometers south of Mosul, was attacked and rockets might be launched from Mosul City. Whether it falls into the base.

    No organization or individual claims to make an attack. The Iraqi military has not responded to this incident. International Union spokesperson and US Marine Corps captain Marisa Roberts said later that the US-led international alliance against the extremist organization “Islamic State” was not injured.

    The Iraqi government announced victory over the “Islamic State” two years ago, but this extremist organization has not been cleaned up. There are still a few remaining forces lurking in the north and west, and attacks on Iraqi security forces are often carried out.

    There have been many attacks in Iraq in recent months against US embassies, military bases and enterprises in Iraq, and no organization has claimed to have made these incidents.

    The Ballard base, 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, was attacked by mortar in June. The other two military bases stationed in the US military were attacked by rockets in the same month. An oil industrial park in Basra province in southern Iraq was also attacked by rockets. A rocket hit the vicinity of the US energy giant ExxonMobil staff quarters.

    The US State Department demanded the evacuation of all “non-critical personnel” in Iraq on the grounds of “Iranian threats” in mid-May. Shortly after the US announced this decision, a rocket crashed into the “Green Zone” of Baghdad, and the landing point was not far from the US Embassy in Iraq.

    US officials have identified Iraqi Shiite militia supported by Iran in launching these attacks. The US has previously said that intelligence shows that Shiite militia gathered troops and deployed rockets near US military bases. The Iraqi side said that no action was found that threatened US personnel.

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a surprise visit to Iraq in May, demanding that the Iraqi government control the Shiite militia. An Iraqi official who did not want to be named said at the time that Reuters reporter said that Pompeo said that if the US facilities or personnel were attacked, the US would not negotiate with the Iraqi side and would directly attack it.

    The US military ended its operations in Iraq in 2011, announcing the evacuation, but did not withdraw completely, leaving a small number of troops. After the rise of the “Islamic State”, the United States sent troops to Iraq in 2014. The US military now has about 5,000 soldiers stationed in Iraq, in the name of assisting in the training of the Iraqi army and acting as a military adviser, as well as combating terrorist organizations.


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