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The US military’s 10,000-ton warship broke out and the virus could not be docked for two months.


The US military’s 10,000-ton warship broke out and the virus could not be docked for two months.

The US Navy’s 10,000-ton amphibious dock landing ship with more than 700 crew members was unable to berth the port due to an outbreak of epidemic virus, but was unable to wander at sea. According to the US “Business Insider” website reported on March 14, the “Mc Henry Fort” amphibious dock landing ship was quarantined in the Persian Gulf for more than two months due to a rare mumps virus.

    According to reports, at least 25 of the more than 700 crew members on the ship were diagnosed with mumps. The symptoms of this disease first appeared in December last year. The 25 people diagnosed included the crew and navy of the ship. Marines. These patients receive isolation treatment on board while cleaning and disinfecting their living and working areas. “Business Insider” also quoted CNN’s report that no one has to disembark for treatment, but it is very unusual for a US warship to stay at the port and spend more than two months at sea.

    In an e-mail reply to Business Insider, the US Navy’s 5th Fleet stated that the currently infected people are not in danger of life. The patients have either recovered or are expected to fully recover. Since the first case was discovered at the end of last year, 25 people have been 24 of the infected people have resumed their duties. The US Navy told the Insider of the Commercial that the port of the ship was cancelled for safety reasons, the ship was isolated to the sea, and medical personnel controlled the situation through various efforts. To be cautious, it is necessary to ensure that more than 700 crew members on the McHenry Fortress receive vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella.

    A spokesperson for the US Navy also told the Insider of Business that a large warship is like a university dormitory. People live in it, and diseases can happen from time to time, but this is not the case. The Navy spokesman also said he believes the Navy has the ability to handle this situation.

    It is reported that mumps virus is a facial salivary gland infection, which can cause swelling of the parotid gland, sublingual gland, subgingival gland, headache, fever, can cause a variety of complications, and males can easily cause testicular swelling. The patient usually begins with the above symptoms 16 to 18 days after the infection and returns to normal 7 to 10 days after the onset of the disease.

    At present, Fort McHenry is sailing in the Persian Gulf region, and military medical personnel are assessing when the Fort McHenry will be in a state of medical safety before they can call the port.

    It is worth noting that the “Mc Henry Fort” entered the Black Sea area on January 6 this year and was once thought to be “strengthen” Ukraine. At that time, the US Navy’s 6th Fleet Commander, Commander Francheri, said that the arrival of “Mc Henry Fort” “reaffirmed our collective determination to safeguard the security of the Black Sea and strengthened our cooperation with NATO allies and partners in the region. Strong relationship.” The ship then returned to the Middle East through the Mediterranean Sea. During the Black Sea, the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet dispatched the “Knowing” frigate to monitor it.

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