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Three popular candidates add “drama” to the Ukrainian presidential election


Three popular candidates add “drama” to the Ukrainian presidential election

  More than a month after the Ukrainian presidential election, the current President Pietro Poroshenko, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and TV star Vladimir Zelensky won the 44 candidates who qualified for the campaign. The public opinion support rate is leading, contributing the most “screen” for this election.


  In the face of competition from the other 43 candidates, the current President Poroshenko defended himself and announced his re-election at the end of last month. He signed a constitutional amendment three weeks later and enshrined the goal of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  When signing the amendment, Poroshenko promised that if it succeeds in re-election, it will continue to push Ukraine to join the EU and NATO process and use diplomatic efforts to achieve territorial integrity.

  Poroshenko told voters that he sought re-election for “a strong sense of responsibility for the country.”

  However, Poroshenko is involved in the reselling of military materials and faces attacks from competitors. It seems that it will turn to attack before the election day on March 31.

  Poroshenko is 53 years old, a well-known politician and businessman, and the locals call it “Chocolate King.” In May 2014, Ukraine held a presidential election in advance, and Poroshenko was elected for a five-year term.

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  Tymoshenko announced on the 26th that the largest opposition party, the motherland party, together with other allies, will move a parliamentary wave in the parliament.

  Tymoshenko, 58 years old, twice served as the Prime Minister of Ukraine and announced his presidency for the presidency a few weeks earlier than Poroshenko. She threw out the “new policy” campaign platform, promoted the new constitution, decentralized local governments, eradicated corruption, and promised to raise wages, improve people’s livelihood, and reform the health care system., a Ukrainian news survey website, published a reporter’s investigation on the 25th, citing a number of Poroshenko cronies from Russia to smuggle or directly purchase military spare parts from the local area, and then resell it to state-owned defense enterprises at a premium of more than three times. Several authors of the report claimed that officials involved in the sale had a profit of more than $9 million.

  Tymoshenko cited the terms of the Ukrainian criminal law in the parliamentary inquiry and found that this act was tantamount to treason and announced the impeachment procedure.

  According to the procedure, the Ukrainian parliament needs to first set up an interim investigation committee, and the members vote after the committee’s investigation report. Of the 450 members, 226 voted in favor to initiate the impeachment process for the president. At least two-thirds of the members voted in favor to officially impeach the president.


  Among the many candidates, comedy TV actor Vladimir Zelensky may not be able to laugh at the end, but it is the most popular.

  Zelensky is known as a “president” in a hit TV series. The “star effect” continues to push up his public opinion support rate. On the 25th, he called on voters to “recommend” the next government cabinet candidate.

  In a video, he called on supporters to leave a message on his campaign website and social network “Facebook” account, recommending the prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister and other candidates, issued a “let us come together” invitation.

  Near the election day, various polls showed that the three main candidates supported the lead.

  According to the latest poll released by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology on the 25th, Zelensky received 26.4% of the support, 18% of the current President Poroshenko and 13.8% of Tymoshenko

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