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U.S. naval base gunners interviewed by New York presidential adviser


U.S. naval base gunners interviewed by New York presidential adviser

According to a comprehensive report, a shooting incident recently occurred at the Pensacola Naval Base in the US and Florida, including gunmen, which killed 4 people and injured 8 others. Investigators found that the gunman had visited New York City a few days before the shootings, and authorities are still clarifying why he went to New York. O’Brien, the US president’s national security adviser, believes that the shooting was a terrorist attack.

Gunners visited New York to commit crimes

    Investigators reportedly discovered that Saudi gunman Al Shamlani visited New York, including Rockefeller Center, a few days before the shooting.

    The official said that the FBI was working to determine the purpose of the trip, and FBI agents were trying to find anyone who might have interacted with the gunman. The Associated Press said the official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and to disclose information anonymously.

    CNN quoted two law enforcement officials as saying that the guns used by the gunmen for the crime were legally purchased. A consumer said the gunman bought the gun from a gun store earlier this year. The gunman obtained a hunting permit that allowed non-immigrants on a non-immigrant visa to purchase guns.

    The Associated Press quoted an investigator on the 8th as saying that the gunman had posted information on the US support for Israel on social media, saying that “Americans are anti-Muslims.” The FBI suspected that Alshamrani had launched a shooting for terrorist motives and investigated it.

    US President Trump has stated that he will review policies regarding foreign military training in the United States.

U.S. presidential security adviser says shootings are terrorist attacks

    Robert O’Brien, US President’s national security adviser, believes that the shooting of a Florida military base by Saudi soldiers was a terrorist attack.

    O’Brien said in an interview with Fox News, “We don’t know if he is acting alone, the FBI is investigating. They are interrogating other Saudi students. I think this is a terrorist attack.” But he also stated that he did not want to Conclusive before the investigation.

    O’Brien also said that it is unclear whether the gunman was associated with any terrorist organization.

    On the 6th, 21-year-old Saudi Air Force Ensign Al Shamlani was shot dead by police after shooting three people at the Pensacola Naval Air Base in Florida, USA.

    He was reportedly trained at a military base. The US government is investigating. It is unclear whether the attack was related to terrorism.

    However, it was reported that shortly before the attack, the gunmen held a party for other Saudi soldiers, which showed a video of the shooting that caused the mass death. During the shooting, a gunman’s colleague suspectedly took a video of the shooting, and two Saudi soldiers saw the incident from the car.

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