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US stealth fighters will share information with the X-37B space plane


US stealth fighters will share information with the X-37B space plane

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 The US media said that the US Air Force’s most stealthy jets and a top-secret space plane may one day share information.

    The US military website reported on November 8 that the US Air Force chief of staff, David Goldfern, recently joked with the concept that he would like to see the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter and the air How the plane will talk.

    According to reports, at the breakfast meeting held by the United States Air Force Association on the 6th, the audience initially thought that the chief of staff meant a more realistic model, either the X-47B unmanned combat aircraft or even the air force. The XQ-58 Valkyrie drone produced by Kratos, which is testing the “loyalty down” project. But an Air Force official said after Goldfane’s speech that he was referring to the top secret X-37B space plane.

    According to the US Air Force, the X-37B explores the practicality and risks of “reusable aerospace vehicle technology.” In October, this low-Earth orbiter completed its fifth, unrecorded, unmanned space mission.

    The head of the United States Air Force’s Office of Strategic and Integration, and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, David Beard, said in the “Defense I Outlook” event in Washington on the 7th that the X-37B will be connected to the fighter jet. “The ability to act from all areas.” This includes the sharing of information during the execution of wartime missions.

    When asked what kind of sensor the X-37B was using in the show for the F-22 and F-35, he refused to answer.

    Proston Dunlap, chief designer of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Procurement, Technology and Logistics, announced at the “Defense 1 Outlook” event that the Air Force 12 was incompatible after years of F-35 and F-22 incompatibility. The month will test how the two models can communicate information about the combat space.

    According to the report, these efforts are part of a more ambitious goal of the Pentagon, which allows land, sea, and air force soldiers and marines to access information more quickly and improve the situational awareness of all users.

    The report said that the US Air Force is still considering launching an application called “Omnia One”. This integrated interface will not only show the operator where the aircraft might fly (similar to a joint air operations center). It will also show where the ship and other equipment are.

    Xiong Dai said that accessing something from a distance is not a new idea. He explained that it was like an operator sitting in a ground station in Nevada controlling a MQ-9 “Death” drone in the Middle East.

    But Dunlap said the Pentagon needs to expand its ability to deliver important information anywhere it is unknown.

    According to the report, Dunlap likens this use to something like the “flight tracking” application or the “Uber” application. He said: “The idea is… to show a picture of space, air, ground and cyberspace. You can click on the ship in the picture to see where it has been, where it is currently traveling and what is on board… We need to have the ability to pass this information to our fighters in an accessible (and flexible) way.”

    Dunlap said the Air Force hopes to add other tools to the “Omnia One” interface in December. He also said that these plans gave the Air Force the opportunity to modernize.

    Dunlap said: “We hope that military personnel can make wise choices wherever they are.”

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